Problem gambling and family violence in the Asian context: a review

Keen, B., Pickering, D., Wieczorek, M., & Blaszczynski, A. (2015). Problem gambling and family violence in the Asian context: a review. Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health, 5(1).

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Background: Few empirical studies have specifically evaluated the causal connection between problem gambling and domestic or family violence within East and South-East Asian populations. Evidence from qualitative and quantitative studies suggests that at the very least, an association exists. Lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence has been drawn from various Asian communities, and ranges from 15.4 to 61.1%, which is generally higher than in western countries such as US, UK and Australia (17–26%). Problem gambling rates are similarly higher in certain Asian countries (3.8–6%), when compared to the international average (2.3%). The aim of this review was to evaluate the available literature on problem gambling and family violence in East and South-East Asian populations, and to highlight any consistencies between the two phenomena…