Online Gambling among Treatment-Seeking Patients in Singapore: A Cross-Sectional Study [Full-text]

Melvyn Zhang, Yi Yang, Song Guo, Chris Cheok, Kim Eng Wong and
Gomathinayagam Kandasami – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health — Open Access Journal

Abstract: Given that technology has greatly facilitated easier access to gambling in previous years, it is timely to look in-depth into online gambling activities and behaviors. There have been several studies that examined online gambling. However, most of the current studies to date have focused on determining the prevalence and the epidemiology of problem gambling arising from online gambling in Western cohorts. There remains a paucity of research looking at the problem of online gambling among Asian individuals. The objectives of the current study are to elucidate the characteristics of online gambling among an Asian cohort and to explore the harm associated with online gambling and the potential mechanisms by which harm associated with online gambling could be minimized.

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