Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption (full text)

Hing, N., Russell, A., & Hronis, A. (2016).
(From the report’s executive summary)
The aim of this study, therefore, was to develop a preliminary set of behavioural indicators of RCG – that is, the first set of commonly understood behavioural markers associated with gambling responsibly. It must be stressed that the behavioural indicators developed in this study are preliminary, and will require validation in subsequent research. We also emphasise that, while developing and promoting a  validated set of behavioural indicators of RCG can provide much – needed consumer guidelines on how to ‘gamble responsibly’, this represents just one type of strategy for behavioural change. The public health literature promotes the use of a broad range of strategies to optimise behavioural change, such as regulation, policy, law, reducing availability, price controls, and restrictions on marketing; these broader strategies are not considered further in this report.

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