The Public Stigma of Problem Gambling: Its Nature and Relative Intensity Compared to Other Health Conditions

Problem gambling attracts considerable public stigma, with deleterious effects on mental health and use of healthcare services amongst those affected. However, no research has examined the extent of stigma towards problem gambling within the general population. This study aimed to examine the stigma-related dimensions of problem gambling as perceived by the general public compared to other health conditions, and determine whether the publicly perceived dimensions of problem gambling predict its stigmatisation. A sample of 2000 Australian adults was surveyed, weighted to be representative of the state population by gender, age and location. Based on vignettes, the online survey measured perceived origin, peril, concealability, course and disruptiveness of problem gambling and four other health conditions, and desired social distance from each…

Source: Ra, S.-P., Ce, T., Jl, D., & R, G. (2015). Theory of Planned Behavior in School-Based Adolescent Problem Gambling Prevention: A Conceptual Framework. The Journal of Primary Prevention.


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